People with intellectual disabilities

Who: All people with intellectual disabilities regardless of age, experience or athletic ability.

What: TRFA offers individual and group rowing and or paddling lessons to people with Intellectual disabilities.  TRFA also has a competitive crew “Dangerous Athletes” partners with local high schools to offer special education classes the ability to learn how to row.

When: Private lessons can be arranged by contacting Tony Kuhn at Each lesson runs 90 minutes and can be scheduled Monday-Friday from the hours of 9:00AM-400PM and Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10:00AM-4:00PM

Where: TRFA lessons are located at the Texas Rowing Center, 1541 W. Cesar Chavez St.

Why: TRFA’s rowing and paddling programs will give participants the opportunity to work as an individual and a team to improve physical fitness, gain a sense of accomplishment, and make friends by rowing and paddling for recreation and train competitively.

Pricing: Private rowing and paddling lessons cost $30 per 90 minute lesson. Group paddle outings cost $10 per 90 minute lesson.

Dangerous Athletes

The Dangerous Athlete Crew (named by the athletes) is a competitive crew specifically for people with intellectual disabilities.

The crew meets on Tuesday’s 12:00-1:30PM and Saturday’s 8:30-10:00AM. The crew train as a group and work towards the goals of competing as individuals and as a team. Each member of the crew has the ability to scull in singles, doubles, quads, and occasionally in sweep rowing shells and on the rowing barge.

The crew was coached by longtime coach Debbie McDiarmid and is now coached by Lindsay Burns. The Dangerous Athletes have competed in the Heart of Texas, Texas State Championships, Head of the Colorado, and the Erg Rodeo over the past five years. 

Individuals who would like to join the Dangerous Athlete Crew will need to have the ability to scull successfully in a single and double rowing shells. Membership cost at $700 for the year of lessons and includes a paddle membership to TRC for the athlete and their family.

If interested in joining the Dangerous Athletes please contact Tony Kuhn at with Dangerous Athletes in the subject line for more information on joining the crew. 

High School Rowing Program

TRFA partners with local high schools to offer a fun and educational experience for special education students. TRFA coaches and volunteers will work along side with the class teacher to provide an introduction to rowing over the course of the school year.

All lessons are held at the rowing center two days a week. The cost per student is $100 per semester. Many students in the program have competed in the Erg Rodeo and Heart of Texas Regatta.

If your school is interested partnering with TRFA to have a class at the rowing center please contact Tony Kuhn at with High School Rowing Program in the subject line for more information.