Our Staff

Texas Rowing for All has a dedicated Executive Director who works to ensure the organization has both direction and continued success. In addition, we enlist an enthusiastic part-time coaching staff to provide support, individual encouragement, and structured learning opportunities.

  • Executive Director — Tony Kuhn 

  • Coach — Mike Wegleitner

  • Coach — Simon Borchelt 

  • Coach — Jane Shepherd

  • Coach — Krista Schmidt 

  • Coach — Mary McKinnon

We also have secured a crew of passionate and committed volunteers who enjoy working with people with disabilities in a variety of rowing settings (land and water). Volunteers have been selected for their excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and helping skills. We have tapped into the vast experience of Master rowers who are such a large and strong part of the greater Austin rowing community. We also seek out community volunteers who want to be a part of this exciting initiative! Texas Rowing Center’s Adaptive Program volunteers are the lifeblood of our program. Without these individuals, who give their time, enthusiasm and hard work, the Adaptive Program would not exist.