Our Present

Texas Rowing For All partners with several community organizations in the greater Austin area to continue to offer our programming. Our number one partner is the Texas Rowing Center (TRC) based on the north shore of beautiful Lady Bird Lake in Austin. The majority of our water sports sessions & events are based out of this facility. Additionally Texas Rowing Center stores our boats & equipment and gives us access to dock space, use of TRC boats, oars & safety equipment.  www.texasrowingcenter.org.

All of the Texas Rowing for All programs are flexible to meet the needs and wants of participants (disabled or not) who want to become active in water sports. Working on a one-on-one / individual basis, we will do whatever we can to help anyone wanting to participate in Texas Rowing for All programming.  As a part of the athlete participation process, program staff partner with new participants to set and articulate goals and objectives; to track progress towards goal attainment; and celebrate the small steps toward personal goal achievement.